The Receivers to Givers Program of the Episcopal-CARE Foundation exists to provide livelihood support to its partner communities across different regions of mountains, plains, and seas in the Philippine islands. It is designed to address the increasing situations of mendicancy and dependency among marginalized communities and groups in the Philippines rooted in the excessive practice of external grant-giving coupled with the lack of capacity-building programs.

In E-CARE’s R2G Program, partner communities are provided livelihood support funds which they are required to grant-back and pass-on to other communities in need as they continually build up their own capital for their own self-reliance. This ensures sustainability of the project and the community as it promotes the continuous process of receiving and giving.

E-CARE livelihood projects are designed using the Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) approach and operate as social enterprises and agricultural enhancement projects with the primary objective of income generation for those involved. Livelihood projects are determined by the community and are based on the assets identified during the ABCD training. Currently, E-CARE projects include: rice, vegetable, and seaweed farming; fishing; weaving and handicraft production; food processing; livestock care and propagation; among many others.

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